LeBlanc & Associates has supplied yacht-quality and light-weight air handling units for the American Duchess. The complete HVAC system can be controlled and operated from a single switch box equipped with 17" LCD screen display. The temperature in every suite can be individually controlled by the passengers. All air handling units are custom-built to fit above the ceiling, allowing available deck space to be utilized for passenger facilities, like restaurants and shops.

Design conditions

The air conditioning installation was based on the following design conditions:

Summer conditions:
Outside: 94˚  F
Inside: 72˚  F

Winter conditions:
Outside: 30˚  F
Inside: 70˚  F

Scope of supply

The following equipment was supplied:

  • Fresh-air AHUs
  • Fans for sanitary spaces, galley and laundry room
  • FCUs for accommodation areas
  • FCUs for galley
  • FCUs for laundry room
  • Cabin units with heater for crew
  • Invisible air conditioning for public rooms

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American Duchess HVAC
Shipyard: Bollinger Amelia Repair
Owner: American Queen Steamboat Company
Year: 2017
Vessel Type: Passenger
Lenth: 295 ft
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