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Originally, LeBlanc & Associates was only asked to supply the refrigeration and freezing systems for the yacht. However, after experiencing our flexible way of working and high-quality equipment, Parker Stockdale decided to award us the HVAC contract as well. Parker says, “The equipment offered by Heinen & Hopman, and by extension LeBlanc & Associates is superior in my view. As this project grew we needed the support of an experienced HVAC company to address a wide range of challenges for our installation. LeBlanc & Associates. handled the refrigeration design, planning, and engineering so efficiently it was a logical choice to also pursue them for the HVAC work. I knew I would be in good hands.”

Design conditions

The air conditioning installation was based on the following design conditions:

Summer conditions:
Outside: 104˚  F /  55%-RH
Inside: 64˚  F  / 50%-RH

Winter conditions:
Outside: -5˚  F
Inside: 77˚  F / 30%-RH

Scope of supply

LeBlanc & Associates, LLC supplied the following:

  • Fans for toilets
  • Fresh-air AHU
  • Chiller
  • Fan coil units
  • Provision cooling plant
  • Evaporators
  • Stainless steel refrigerators
  • Control system
  • Galley extraction
  • Clothes dryer vent extraction

Nothing but the best

The finest materials, equipment, systems, and software were selected for this vessel. Moreover, the owner requested an exceptionally low noise level of 35 dB, challenging LeBlanc & Associates, LLC to design an extremely quiet HVAC system. Furthermore, a high-tech control system is provided, allowing the owner to control the complete HVAC and refrigeration system on a smartphone or iPad.

MY Anodyne HVAC-R
Shipyard: Derecktor Shipyards
Owner: Private
Delivery Year: 2018
Vessel Type: Motor Yacht
Lenth: 110 ft
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